How does high school hockey work?

High school hockey offers two dynamic and competitive seasons. During the fall, teams participate in the Colorado Prep Hockey League (CPHL), while in the winter, they engage in the Colorado High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) season.

CPHL Season with Vista Hockey Club

Mid August to Mid November

The purpose of the CPHL is to provide Colorado high schools with an early start to their hockey season, offering teams the opportunity to start practice and play games as early as September, bypassing the traditional wait until November. The league comprises two tiers:

- Varsity Tier 1 team (equivalent to high school varsity)

- Varsity Tier 2 team (equivalent to high school junior varsity)

Games - Approximately 12 CPHL leagues games, CPHL playoffs, 1 out of state tournament and to an additional 2 in state tournaments. Which can be 24+ games during CPHL.

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CHSAA Season with Mountain Vista High School Co-op Team

Late November to Early March

The CHSAA season sees the collaboration of Mountain Vista HS, Thunderridge HS, and Highlands Ranch HS in a co-op team. This season features two levels:

- Varsity anticipates 19 league games and possible CHSAA playoffs. Subject to change.

- JV anticipates 15 league games and possible CHSAA playoffs. Subject to change.

Learn more about CHSAA season


Will my hockey player get as many games as with club hockey?

Absolutely! Vista Hockey Club and the MVHS Co-op Teams field both Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams for CPHL and JV and Varsity teams for the CHSAA season. This ensures consistent play from mid-August to March, mirroring the experience of a club team.

Additional scrimmages may be scheduled at the discretion of the coaches and in accordance with league guidelines.


Participation in CPHL ranges from $2150 to $2400, with possible additional fees for in-state or out-of-state tournaments. Teams may travel up to three times during the season.


Uniformity in gear is crucial for both CPHL and CHSAA seasons. Players are required to have the following items:

- Vista Green Helmet: $180.

- Custom Vista Gloves: $125.

- Player Team Gear Bag: $119 or Goalie Team Gear Bag: $129.

Orders will be taken after your player is assigned to a team. If you already have these items, you are not required to purchase again. It is only for new orders or if your items need replaced due to condition, sizing etc.

Please contact MVHShockeyinfo@gmail.com with any questions.

Where are games and practices?

All home games and practices will occur at South Suburban Sports Complex, Family Sports Center or Ice Ranch.


I feel like my hockey player has a better chance of playing college hockey by sticking to Club hockey. Is that true?

No, it's not true. Talent speaks for itself, and scouts seeking potential players will find them regardless of the hockey path taken. Mountain Vista HS has a track record of sending players to compete at the junior and college levels. Additionally, high school hockey presents opportunities for national exposure, especially through events like the NIT tournament for Team Colorado.

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